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Things you need to know!

We ship everything in plastic bags sized 28x40cm, and there is only space for maximum 999g in weight in a bag (estimated 4 items). If you wish to order more than 999g, we will have to charge extra shipping fee (we will consider items 1000g-1499g as a second order) as we will have to make another shipment.

In Thailand, we ship with Kerry Express.
Internationally, we ship with ThailandPost EMS & Regular Air.

Given the limited supply of our stock, we are making sales in the form of pre-orders. For each sales period, we will accept pre-orders for a period of just two weeks. After the sales period is over, we will no longer accept orders (until next sale)

We will start packing and shipping immediately after the end of the sales period. You will receive an email once your package has been shipped.

Shipping time estimated

(after you have received the email confirming that your package has been shipped):

Bangkok, Thailand: 1-3 business days

Other, Thailand: 1-3 business days

Internationally EMS: 4-5 business days

Internationally Regular Air: 7-14 business days

We will send you the tracking number of your package with the shipping confirmation email.

If you missed our pre-sale or did not get the chance to grab your item before it sold out, please stay updated for when we re-stock and start our new sales period.

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